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New Profile Posts

  1. futshop
    Futshop.net is The Best and Top 1 Fifa 17 Coins Store Online!
  2. Mr. Momorsa
    Mr. Momorsa
    Visca Titan Fall
  3. Rhainnon
    Complaints are not allowed because there is not enough space to write a message
  4. lovechild
    Hello fellow TitanFall players Im, RoninTITANFALL, I play on XBOX1 and currently rock out hard with the Ronin Titan... Hence the name.
  6. KingKillerCam1
    Already have pre-orded the game, can't wait til it comes out
  7. rainman0211
    The bigger the headache, the bigger the pill...
  8. Carlos
    TF2Forums skin ready.
  9. Carlos
    Okay, new logo is in. Now all we need is 1080p images of TitanFall 2 to arrive from Respawn or EA.
  10. Carlos
    I'll update the logo soon. Right now, I wanted to get the essentials out of the way.