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Feature Request for Titanfall 2?

Discussion in 'TitanFall 2 General Discussion' started by TitanfallNation, Apr 17, 2016.

  1. What are some of the things you guys want for Titanfall 2? Here are some of the things I would like...

    ~ A bit more aesthetic customization. Not just player type dependent upon chosen weapon.
    ~ Ability to customize titan abilities/attributes more (atlas with sprint, stryder with damage, etc).
    ~ Ability to hijack and commandeer enemy Titans (certain button combos maybe idk).
    ~ S&D like gametype (1 life per round). Final round could be "Titan Round".
    ~ Everyone in your party to have a different color mini-map arrow (from CORP0RAL) but an awesome idea!
    ~ More variety of weapons (which I'm sure is happening). A bow/crossbow would be amazing. Or bolt-action rifle.

    This is all I can think of right off the top of my head. Have any suggestions? Post away!
  2. Couple of those were on my list too.;)
  3. This is a great game with pretty good action. Im big on music, i think heavy metal would set the ambience for the fast past heavy metal (titan) action. Devil may cry 4 was an awesome faced paced game but the music put it over the top!
  4. I love Devil May Cry. :) However, I disagree that too much heavy metal would benefit in TitanFall 2. The devs behind TitanFall 2 are experienced with Call of Duty, after all, they're the creators. Let them make epic music, like they've done in COD4, or MW2.
  5. Maybe not q00% metal, but i just fear that music is overlooked completley, like there was literally nothing in the beta and there is like no soundtrack to the latest COD.
  6. It's not overlooked. Capcom teased a new DMC title in the upcoming fiscal quarter between March 2016 to March 2017. A reveal is likely soon, or next year.
  7. Being able to use warpaints on your prime.
    It seems silly to pay for a cosmetic upgrade and then lose some of the coolest possible camos for that titan. I know that the textures are specially tailored to each titan, but re-fitting them to work with on the paid primes wouldn't be too much to ask IMO

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