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TitanFall 2 News Rules

Discussion in 'TitanFall 2 News' started by Carlos, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. I understand people are excited about the new TitanFall 2 leaks, info, and whatnot. But I ask that you follow these rules so we prevent any trouble towards TitanFall 2 Forums...

    1. Copy & Paste is frowned, but if you can't avoid it (some articles are short, so...)
    2. Write your own words.
    3. Post a small snippet of info, the ones that are extremely important.
    4. Post the source of the article. (And link to them)


    Also: It's not really a rule, but you might want to think about your thread titles. When starting a thread, "TitanFall II Revealed" will translate into "titanfall ii revealed" in the URL. So, for SEO purposes, please keep it simple, and without URL breaks.

    "TitanFall 2 Revealed" works better than "TitanFall II Revealed."

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