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We need to save Titanfall 2! #rewardrespawn Let's get the word out.

Discussion in 'TitanFall 2 Media' started by Inscrutable, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Titanfall 2 is such a fantastic game and it's such a shame that I have only been able to find matches in attrition primarily and in rare instances Last Titan Standing and Bounty Hunt. I feel like a game of this quality, where Respawn have labored so hard on this sequel should have a much larger player base. Respawn have themselves stated it is highly unlikely there will be a Titanfall 3. This is terrible considering the amount of mediocre games out there. This is a tongue in cheek video and isn't meant to be taken too seriously at points. The only thing we are serious about is rewarding respawn!

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